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Trainer: Andrea Orbeck
Who is she? Hollywood's most sought-after trainer - known as the Supermodel Secret Weapon - counts Heidi Klum amongst her clientele.
Where? Los Angeles.
Best for? Supermodel muscle sculpting and pushing your body to its limits.
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Don't burn out at this stage, whatever your regular regime. Just turn it up a notch. It's time to lay the foundations.
At this point you want to shock your system. Increase your workout time by a third and add another session per week. Start working more protein into your diet.
It's crunch time, so commit to five days a week to shed those extra pounds. Keep a keen eye on nutrition - you want your skin to glow.
Shift the water weight with diuretic foods such as green juices and cucumber. Keep super hydrated and take a sauna to sweat it out - you could lose 3-4lb of water.
It's all about the final push to shift that water weight. You want to sweat out all those toxins and any excess fluid to see the muscle you have built up.
Trainer: Melissa Perlman
who is she? Founder of Bikini Bootcamp, a fitness program with yoga and healthy eating that is rumored to have put Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron and Linda Evangelista through their paces.
Where? Mexico and Ibiza
Best for? Reconnecting with yourself, relaxing, and losing a few pounds
along the way.
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Adjust your lifestyle. Eliminate processed food, anything white, refined sugar and wheat. Add four days of walking for 45 mins & three days of classes to your week.
Increase walking to an hour and classes to four times a week. Mix up your exercises to challenge your muscles and don't eat anything heavy after 8pm.
Cut out hidden calories and mindless eating. Break up your meals to five small ones a day with veggies and protein for dinner. When possible, no eating after 7pm.
Don't change anything - you don't want to be trying some fad diet the week before your wedding. Keep well hydrated and your skin will glow on the day.
It's better to walk every day than do high-intensity workouts once a month. A combination of thoughtful eating and a fitness program will achieve great results.
Trainer: Mary Helen Bowers
Who is she? She trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan and runs online workout class Ballet Beautiful.
Where? New York (but you can take live classes online from anywhere in the world).
Best for? An elegant feminine body, fabulously slender arms and
amazing posture.
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Schedule in three days a week for one-hour training sessions. Work harder now - the closer you get to the wedding, the busier you will be.
Add some of my 'blast videos', which are great for your bum and arms, to your three weekly sessions.
Work to the shape of your dress. For example, if your arms are on show, try the 'swan arms' workout.
You may shed pounds due to stress - many brides do! But keep toning to maintain the shape you want. If you are busy, try 15 minutes of the blast videos.
Make a commitment early on and be consistent. That is what will give you a lasting result, even after the wedding. Don't try crash diets.