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  • CHRISTA D’SOUZA reflects on the end of her fail-safe look and faces her fear of its subtler SS13 replacement

    “Ido so love a uniform. Not that kind of uniform. I'm talking about the look you've tried and tested so many times you know it will never let you down. In my case, this involves a canvas of Spanx and black opaques, overlaid with something by L'Wren Scott or vintage Dolce & Gabbana and teetering platforms. A touch of the dominatrix has served me well over the decades, as it no doubt has served quite a lot of you out there, with not-so-nimble waists and hang-ups about never being quite tall enough. As such, we should thank the Lord that the look will forever, in some form, be
    on trend.

    Except, here's the thing. Will it? I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if the vibe from the latest collections is anything to go by, that particular card may not be one we can play anymore.

    What’s sexy now?

    Comfy jeans and a white shirt replace cleavage and body-con dressing

    Top by J.Crew; jeans by Current/Elliott


    jeans by current/Elliott

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