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  • Beauty: Spring Clean your skin

    The power ingredients, anti- aging foods and expert tips that will revitalize your skin.


    1. Exfoliate

    Dull, gray hues are a tell-tale sign of dead skin cells that have accumulated on the upper dermal layers. Leaving them on your face is one of the most aging things you can do because they hide the brighter, younger skin beneath. Exfoliation is key, but it's important not to go overboard; using heavy, grainy scrubs too often can do more harm than good. "Using a harsh scrub can create micro-tears that leave your complexion red, sensitive and inflamed. It also thins the skin, which enhances signs of aging," says A-list facialist Sarah Chapman. "Try a lighter exfoliator with the right ingredients instead."


    “Using a harsh scrub can damage and thin the skin, which enhances signs of aging”

    SARAH CHAPMAN, facialist


    Photograph: Marcus Ohlsson/Trunk Archive

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