• Know your Fats:

    “Good fats play an essential role in the QUALITY and appearance of SKIN”

    Ian Marber, nutritionist

    3. EAT (And
    drink) right

    You need to feed your skin from within, too. If it’s dehydrated and suffering from excess sugar consumption, it’s essential to redress the balance.

    Good fats The best way to do that is by adding extra good fats to your diet. “These play an essential role in the quality and appearance of skin,” says nutritionist Ian Marber. “Omega 3, 6 and 9 are best taken through the diet. They find their way to the outer layer of cells affording them flexibility, which translates to supple skin.” Increase your intake of oily fish and walnuts to boost omega 3. Leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains and vegetable oils all provide omega 6, but there is a cheat’s way to get everything: Omega 3-6-9 supplements by Harmony Formulas.

    Hydrate within Drinking gallons of water won’t necessarily change your complexion. “The majority of worthwhile hydration comes from the food you eat rather than drinking water,” explains Marber. “Fruits and vegetables offer the highest fluids, but even chicken breasts contain more than 50 percent water.”

    And for an
    instant fix...


    Supreme Anti-Ageing Facial
    by Sisley

    A deep anti-aging facial to activate muscles and boost circulation, leaving you with a brighter complexion. 60 & 90 minutes, available worldwide

    Caviar Lift Facial by La Prairie

    An acupressure facial to iron out frown lines. The caviar pearls in the treatment and Liquid Lift product are packed with algaes to transform skin tone. 90 minutes, available worldwide


    Botanical D-TOX Detoxifying Night Treatment by Sisley

    Rice peptides stimulate skin’s natural detoxification process, reviving tired complexions. One of the few products to give visible results overnight.

    beauty flash

    If you do just one thing, a simple facial massage is transformative. “Use your knuckles (held in loose fists) and finger tips to roll, knead and drum life back into your tired skin,” says Sarah Chapman. “This helps stimulate lymphatic drainage on puffy complexions.” It’s a wake up call for your skin.


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    Ohlsson/Trunk Archive

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