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  • Home has been Taylor-Johnson’s focus since she gave birth to Wylda, her first child with her new husband, in July 2010. “I gave up [work] to build a family,” she says. “I wanted to make the rock as solid as possible, knowing that from there, I could achieve anything.” She had, she says, learned her lesson about trying to “have it all”. “When I had Angelica, I tried to do it all and it was too much. I got very sick. There was also a lot I gave up time-wise to try to prove to the world that I could do and be everything. This time around, I thought, ’I’m so lucky and so happy; enjoy every millisecond, and work will hopefully always be there.’”

    And enjoy every millisecond she does, milking her precious time at home in the way that anyone who has run the working mother gauntlet for years will recognize. “I bounce out of bed to see the children in the morning, and I collapse into bed because of them at night. I love chaos, I need it to survive, and they provide buckets of it. I rarely go out. I used to feel

    obliged, but I have zero reason to go out – there’s nothing outside my front door that’s more exciting than what I’ve got at home.”

    The family is incredibly close-knit, and she makes a point of not being apart for long. “Wherever Aaron was filming [he starred in 2012’s Anna Karenina and has just wrapped Kick-Ass 2], we’d go. Now it’s his turn to trot along behind me,” says Taylor-Johnson and indeed, he’s along for the ride today, all floppy curls and tangible energy. Tomorrow, they’re off to LA for what his wife describes as “probably the biggest, most high-profile meeting of my work life” about the next film she wants to direct. Not that she’s flustered. “I’ve been trying to land this for about a year and a half. I’ve had to fight off every big male director out there,” she says candidly. “I’ve got mood boards, casting books. No stone has been left unturned.” What’s her signature power outfit for a meeting like this? “Jeans, a pair of boots and a shirt. Really simple. It makes me feel as though I can be myself.”

    Jumpsuit by Valentino; shoes by Jason Wu; necklace by Spectrum


    NAME: Sam Taylor-Johnson

    PROFESSION: Artist and filmmaker

    MY STYLE IS: Stylishly understated

    MY GO-TO DESIGNERS ARE: Alexander McQueen, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Bella Freud

    MY FAIL-SAFE PIECE IS: Isabel Marant track pants

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