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  • She does admit, though, to a vulnerability about venturing back into her celebrity status. “Sometimes as a woman and a mother you have to fight a lot of prejudice. One New York gallerist said to me, ’Do you think you can still make artwork with four children?’ I felt my fist curl into a ball ready to sock him one. It knocked my confidence, but now I’ve got my energy back up and I’m ready to take on people like that.” Taylor-Johnson has, of course, experienced prejudice before. Those BAFTA nominations for Nowhere Boy were the perfect response to all the raised eyebrows she encountered when she was appointed director. “Making a film, coming from my background, I think there was a bit of, ’Oh, she thinks she can make a film does she?’ [Being nominated] was a real validation, it felt very powerful.”

    For the awards ceremony, her relationship with the leading man the latest plaything of the tabloid press, Taylor-Johnson chose a black Alexander McQueen gown to lend confidence – “Lee”

    was a personal friend. "He was so wickedly naughty!” she remembers of the late designer. “For somebody so sad, he was always such good fun and such an inspiration. He was always pushing boundaries.” The trait is a popular one in those the artist is closest to. Last night, she went to see Patti Smith, another old friend, perform at Madison Square Garden. "Watching her, I just thought, ’God, you’re so wild and spirited and just out there.’ People like that inspire me, people who really don’t give a shit about

    “One New York gallerist said to me, ’Do you think you can still make artwork with four children?”

    what anybody else thinks, and can be creatively free. I live my life like that, too.”

    It’s a rare thing to meet somebody who is quite so determinedly, triumphantly her

    own person – it’s no wonder she doesn’t feel the need to hide behind layers of makeup. Her glamour comes from within; everything she’s achieved in life, a reflection of her happiness and determination. And now the day is done, I can tell she’s itching to climb back

    into the family bubble she has built with the love of her life. For once, they have left the kids at home, so will they make sure to enjoy their night alone in the world’s most exciting city? No, says Taylor-Johnson. “We were like, ’Yay! Let’s go to New York, enjoy the hotel and actually get some sleep.”


    most of the time. With four kids, I have to be!”


    in a sequined gold number.”


    in summer. It feels fresh”

    golden couple

    Wearing a Stella McCartney gown at the Nowhere Boy premiere, with husband Aaron

    SAM’s go-to pieces


    Photographs: Famous; Getty Images

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