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    CHRISTA D’SOUZA always picks fashion freedom over a defined look; can the chic French change her mind?

    What is the best fashion compliment you have ever been paid? The best one I have ever received was the time designer Vanessa Bruno introduced herself to me... in French. To be mistaken for a French person, by a French person? Could there be any higher accolade? Not in my book. French women, Parisian women – my, my, don’t they have their own peculiar, fabulous style; a way of putting themselves together that makes us all wonder, ‘But, how?’ Oh, it’s maddening, that signature look of theirs; you can spot a Parisienne fashionista from a mile off with her strong-shouldered jacket, a scarf worn war-reporter style round her neck, looking as though she doesn’t give a you-know-what.

    Think Carine Roitfeld, Lou Doillon or her half-sister, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Then, of


    The team at Vogue Paris epitomize the idea of a signature style


    Photographs: Nam/Streetfsn

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