• pared-back makeup

    Understatement sits at the very core of French style – the only exception being red lipstick. Foundations and concealers are used, but applied with discipline. “The Parisienne look has a very natural finish,” says the brains behind Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Touche Éclat, French makeup artist Terry de Gunzburg. “I layer hyaluronic [water-based] products to achieve a ‘no makeup’ look. They hydrate and plump skin, and also reduce the lines that give away the signs of a woman’s age.”

    A Spa cures all ills

    Just like owning beautiful lingerie, regular spa visits are considered a national birthright, and the French health system has always offered alternative therapies as an option to treat most maladies. A favorite cure is thalassotherapy: a restorative and mineralizing “taking of the waters”, considered so salubrious that French medical insurance often pays for it if treating a recognized ailment, such as early on-set arthritis.

    a beauty regime isn’t an essential

    In France, there is no pursuit of cookie-cutter perfection; women accept their quirks as an embodiment of personal style. Vanessa Paradis embraced her gap-toothed smile as she sang “Joe Le Taxi”, and she wasn’t the first: look at the iconic statuses

    of Brigitte Bardot and Coco Chanel. Beauty is more robust and real when it’s slightly off-kilter, so make that your biggest French beauty lesson – enhance, don’t hide, the real you.

    keep wrinkles at bay

    Facials are considered a necessary and frequent indulgence – the average French woman has at least one a month. Not just any facial, though; abrasive treatments with unsightly after-effects are avoided, like microdermabrasion and micro-peels. Instead, the focus is on hydration and massage. “My French clients come to see me twice a month,” says top facialist Vaishaly Patel. “They are addicted to the massage, which they swear gives them a natural facelift.” High-tech procedures are now on the increase, says Patel, as long as they’re discreet. “All my French clients have been booking in for anti-aging intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser treatments. There’s no down time, so you can go straight out after. Their friends can tell a difference, but don’t know what they’ve had done.”

    “The AVERAGE French woman has at least one FACIAL every month”

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    Brigitte Bardot’s sexy, smoky eyes are an enduring beauty ideal


    Photograph: Rex Features

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