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  • The lifesaver:

    HyperJUICE plug

    When tech connoisseur Karl Lagerfeld recommends a gadget, you know you need it in your life. The Hyperjuice Plug iPhone charger, which revives your gadgets within minutes, was “a gift from Karl”, says Caroline Lebar, communications director at his label. “When I'm in a meeting, I see people discreetly noting down its name. It's become my handbag essential.”

    The woman:

    Isabel Marant

    Utter the name “Isabel Marant” in the company of fashion-conscious women and notice the reaction of awe. Why? To put it simply, 45-year-old Marant has revolutionized the way we dress. Beyond the label’s cool aesthetic, Marant (right) believes comfort is important, and her greatest style hits are testament to this: concealed-wedge sneakers, slouchy Baja sweaters and breezy, day-to-night silk pants. Alluring French insouciance, with an irresistibly youthful edge.



    Words: Natalie Rigg; Laura


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