• The conventionally female parts of her can partner well with the parts of her that are considered not as female to make a great leader.”

    Parker herself knows a thing or two about making tough decisions via her role as producer on SATC and subsequent projects involving her in all aspects of filming. “Being responsible to and for other people gives me an enormous amount of pride,” she explains. “Taking care of people’s needs, understanding budgets and finance, being part of difficult conversations, mediating, promoting people from within and really establishing that idea and living up to it, I love it.”

    She's less keen to take credit for any female empowerment that may have resulted from SATC's portrayal of four complex and individually strong women. “I think it certainly encouraged women to share more candidly. I don't know if it empowered women. I hesitate to say whether we were the pioneers or whether we gave voice to something that was there, but I recognize there was a connection."

    Surely, though, the success of a show about socially reflective

    “I think Sex and the City certainly encouraged WOMEN to share more CANDIDLY”

    female characters paved the way for the success of series such as Girls? And Parker's role as producer made it less shocking for a talent like Girls' creator, Lena Dunham, to be writer/producer/star? “HBO was very encouraging of the beyond-camera role I played, and I feel that had we not done it, I don't know that would have existed for Girls. It's a such a different way of thinking and it's not conventional,” says Parker. “I also think [Dunham] came along understanding her voice and with the support of a producing partner [Judd Apatow] experienced enough to say she is capable of this, she needs to be in charge of the story as it's her voice. I do feel Sex and the City's success made that possible, and it would have been different otherwise.”

    While Parker may have moved on from Carrie, at least for now, the

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