• “[The first OBSTACLE is to] deal with that VOICE inside our heads that DENIGRATES us”

    but Huffington’s passion for the subject is more entrenched than many of the policies thrown at us by rallying politicians. She has written and spoken extensively about the issue in recent years, with her book, On Becoming Fearless, focused on the idea that we should “spread the epidemic of fearlessness”. She admits she herself has fought the battle of self-doubt and is now determined to help others win their own fight. The first obstacle is to “deal with that voice inside our heads that denigrates us,” she explains. “My own self-judgements were the most draining thing, but I’ve worked on it – now that voice only makes guest appearances. The second thing is having your tribe. Even one or two women is enough.”

    Dress and pumps by Valentino; earrings by Laurent Gandini

    The Huffington Post, which records more than five hundred million page views per month from its international audience. “For me, power is about impact,” she explains when we meet at her favorite NYC bolthole, The Mercer hotel. “Whether it’s impact in Washington or in people’s kitchens, they’re the good moments for me. And knowing we’ve built a really great platform and can spread the word.”

    Giving voice to a cause is something Huffington doesn’t shy away from, using her website (she was appointed President and Editor-in-Chief when it was bought by AOL in 2011) to do so wherever possible. A year ago, she launched HuffPost Global Motherhood, a blog dedicated to worldwide maternal health issues, such as reducing the transmission of HIV from mothers to infants and maternal deaths.

    The message she is most keen to get across today, somewhat naturally, is one of female empowerment. Her words may sound like a campaign speech,

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