• Beauty: the power list
    These super-charged skincare ingredients can change your face forever, says EMMA STRENNER

    None of us are prepared to rely on an advertiser’s word when it comes to skincare. We want to know what’s in our creams and we want to know they work. It’s all very well to beguile us with talk of AHAs and stem-cell technology, but what does it all mean? The good news is that you don’t need a science degree to get good skin – you just need to know the power ingredients; the ones that will really make a difference. The even better news? We’ve done all the research for you right here...


    Best for: sensitive skin

    Traditionally used in medicine for its antibacterial properties, these nano-particles of silver simultaneously calm inflammation, fight free radicals and boost tissue regeneration. The silver acts as a balancer to irritated cells – think of it as a probiotic yogurt for skin. An anti-aging godsend to anyone with sensitive skin that is prone to occasional breakouts.
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    Best for: firming and
    toning enlarged pores

    These plant-derived natural acids are second to none when it comes to unclogging pores and encouraging younger-looking skin. Serums and peels packed with AHAs will firm, as the acids eat away dead skin cells and tighten pores. Great for anyone with enlarged pores or dull, unrefined skin.
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    Photographs: Bruce Anderson

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