• Style Secrets Liberty Ross

    Dress by Valentino; ear cuff by Emilio Pucci

    Supermodel and actress Liberty Ross has had an eventful year, with a high-profile return to the catwalk and a divorce that unfortunately captured the public's attention. But never once has she appeared anything less than strong and graceful, a fact underlined by her sleek, modern fashion choices. Natalie Rigg discovers how fashion makes her feel empowered.

    tell us about your earliest fashion memory?

    “I grew up on Portobello Road [West London] and spent my Sundays rummaging through the flea market with my mother and siblings to find vintage jewelry

    “Sharp, STRUCTURED silhouettes make me feel STRONG. Give me my favorite ALAÏA heels and I'm in control”

    and fur jackets. Even then, I always mixed what I already had with unique market finds.”

    Describe your personal style…

    "Whatever I wear has to be comfortable. In my book, comfort translates to confidence. If it feels good, I'll wear it, whether it's six-inch heels or a simple Alexander Wang T-shirt. My style has evolved over the past year in harmony with the changes in my life."

    What do you wear when you want to feel powerful?

    “Sharp, structured silhouettes make me feel strong. Give me a tailored Tom Ford pantsuit or a fitted dress by Alexander McQueen and my favorite Alaïa heels and I'm ready, I'm in control.”

    And what do you wear when you want to feel feminine?

    “I accessorize with jewelry that's special to me – perhaps a cosmos ring or necklace by my friend Solange Azagury-Partridge. I also apply a scent that makes me feel feminine, like tuberose oil.”

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