• The trappings of femininity fall by the wayside in a war zone, as award-winning foreign correspondent Arwa Damon knows. Here, she talks fearlessness, determination and multi-tasking fashion with CHRISTA D’SOUZA

    Photographs by Philip Sinden

    It's the night after the Royal Television Society awards and Arwa Damon might be feeling a little fragile today. Having flown to London to attend the awards ceremony, where CNN International was crowned News Channel of the Year, let's just say it was a big award and a big evening for the war reporter and it might be an early one tonight.

    In person, however fragile, is about the last word that springs to mind upon meeting Damon, 35, CNN's Emmy-award winning senior international correspondent.
    Petite and undeniably pretty,

    I can tell by the way she's curled up on the sofa in faded jeans and a black jumper, eyeing me over her mug of tea, that she's not one to be messed with.

    If you are not yet familiar with Damon, let me fill you in. From Saddam Hussein's trial and execution, to the fall of President Hosni Mubarak and the assassination of the American consulate in Libya, Damon has been there to report on it. Of Syrian descent (her mother is Syrian and Muhsin al-Barazi, her maternal grandfather, was a former Syrian prime minister, executed in

    Jacket by Belstaff; T-shirt (just seen) by Kain; jeans by Current/Elliott; bangle by Maiyet

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