• Can the new season's crop of stealth-like bags make enough of a fashion statement for CHRISTA D'SOUZA?

    Remember the good old days when one could do fashion almost entirely through one's bag? When your tote pretty much made an entrance before you did? When all that crucial handbag hardware – the padlocks, studs and so forth – almost weighed more than you? Well, those days of the 'It' bag are over. Indeed, the only thing worse than an 'It' bag is an 'Iconic' bag. Don't even say that word aloud if you are referring to the thing that sits in the crook of your arm or across your body (not on your shoulder, oh no. Apparently, the shoulder is no longer the position du jour for bag- carrying). The must-have bag now has to be so low key, so understated, that there's


    Photograph: Jason Lloyd Evans


    Subtle and stylish, today's bags are elegantly understated

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