• The go-to Shoe

    Gianvito Rossi

    Who: Italian footwear prodigy whose pumps prove simplicity is the ultimate style statement.

    Why now: Rossi spearheaded an austere shift for spring with pared-back heels that have been rapidly adopted by fashion arbiters.

    The hot pieces: Show-stoppers include his red cut-out sandals and sleek, snakeskin stilettos.

    The designer's take: "I create for strong-minded women who want to feel feminine and cool."

    THE leg school:

    Capri Palace Hotel
    & Spa, Italy

    Book into the “Leg School” at the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa's Beauty Farm, to sculpt legs and banish cellulite. Created by Professor Francesco Canonaco, treatments include the application of cold, medicated mud and bandages to combat water retention drainage. For visible results, try the seven-day program. From $6,235; capripalace.com


    Words: Emily Love; Kay
    Barron. Photograph: Bruce

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