• Beauty: the power list
    The ultimate in luxury – makeup, skincare or perfume made just for you – is within reach. EMMA STRENNER reveals how

    Afragrance blended perfectly for you; a moisturizer with the right ingredients for your skin; or the exact-match foundation, a beauty regime we can only dream of – until now. The Edit has scoured the globe for the world’s most exclusive offerings to give you the lowdown on made-to-measure beauty.

    bespoke skincare

    It’s unlikely that any off-the-shelf cream will be exactly what your skin needs. Designed to appeal to the masses, some formulas irritate or seem less effective, despite boasting the ingredients you’re looking for. Until recently, however, we’ve had little choice other than to use trial and error to find our “best fit”. Now, advances in DNA research mean prescriptive skincare that can cater to our own skin’s needs is finally possible.

    French biologist and physiologist Dr Philippe Allouche founded Recherche Biologique thanks to just such research. With a client list that includes the likes of Sharon Stone, Madonna and even Brad Pitt, Recherche Biologique gets impressive


    Photograph: Bruce Anderson

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