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    Natura BissÉ
    Diamond Life

    A new addition to the luxury skincare line, Diamond Life Infusion is Natura Bissé's most potent anti-aging serum yet. A powerful combination of C-Niche Protector Peptides, which protect stem cells, and energy-boosting Bio Magnet Nanosomes, it rejuvenates skin texture, creating a brighter complexion in a few days.

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    Elizabeth Taylor

    Who: Hollywood's ultimate golden girl with the violet eyes.

    Her look: Opulent. Appreciative of the beautiful things in life, she wrote a book called My Love Affair With Jewelry.

    The runway tribute: Gucci paid homage to Taylor with decadent, show-stopping accessories, while Valentino's intricate craftsmanship could have been in her honor.

    How to work it now: Partner an exquisite hero piece with a simple counterpart, then add lashings of jewelry, naturally.


    Elizabeth Taylor: the epitome of glamour

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    Words: Emma Strenner; Natalie Rigg; Kay Barron Photograph: Corbis

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