• Shall we have a glass of wine? “Or should we just get the whole bottle?” So begins an interview with Crystal Renn, one of the most talked about models in the world, thanks not only to her looks, but also because of her refusal to not conform to the industry norm of size-0. Opting to meet in one of New York's low-key taverns, men stare and women whisper as Renn enters the room. Her attire is the typical off-duty model uniform: tight black jeans, black and white striped shirt, giant black coat that sweeps the ground. Her beauty, though astonishing, is also par for the model course: chiseled cheekbones, smoky brown eyes, tousled jet-black hair. Her

    appearance, though, is where the typical model behavior ends. The bottle of wine in front of us is symbolic: Renn doesn't do anything by the glass. When she has a goal, she chases it with gusto. In her book, Hungry, published in 2010, she candidly chronicled her tale of living – or rather working – with an eating disorder. But it was when she allowed herself to feel secure at her "natural weight" and become healthy again – in both body and mind, she clarifies – that her career took off. In 2004, aged 18 and a plus-size model at Ford, Renn made headlines when she was shot by Steven Meisel for American Vogue, was cast in a Chanel campaign by Karl Lagerfeld and, as a US size 12, accompanied Jean Paul Gaultier on the runway at his SS06 RTW show. Her weight has settled somewhere between the two extremes. She is not at the waif end of the model spectrum, nor is she what most of us would term 'plus-size', the category she first found herself in post-eating-disorder. Her struggle

    “Parts of CHILDHOOD were lost when I went out into the WORLD at a young age, but much more was GAINED”

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