• now is not with food, but against being known as the "big model". She would like her work, rather than her frame, to make her famous, because just as Renn is not a one-glass-of-wine kind of woman, nor is she a happy-with-the-status-quo model. She describes herself as "a control freak", insisting on looking at each photographer's monitor to check her work. "I need to know if I should elongate the neck, put my shoulders down," she explains. "It's all about the details."

    Recently, she reveals, she has started filming herself on her modeling shoots. "I watch the tapes back and, like a therapist, observe with distance. It's interesting to see yourself in the third person. The act of getting to see from that perspective has been a tremendous help in allowing me to dig deeper into myself." If that sounds intense, you're beginning to get the measure of Crystal Renn. This is a woman for whom the phrase "all or

    “I think what has HAPPENED to me was meant to be... I knew I had to get my STORY out. I had seen too much NOT to put it out there”

    nothing” could have been coined. Even when it comes to something like a change of hair color, such as her recent, temporary switch to blonde, she would never dip her toe in the water first. “I wanted platinum, baby,” she laughs. “And I did my eyebrows, too.” Born in Miami, Florida, Renn moved to Clinton, Mississippi, when she was 12. Abandoned by her teenaged mother at three months, she lived with her grandmother until she was 16. An agent based in New York scouted her when she was 14, telling her she would be the next Gisele. “They always say that,” she laughs. “But it never happens – there's only one Gisele.”

    Sweater by Nina Ricci; pants by Emilio Pucci; sandals by Stella McCartney

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