• Previously, she hadn't given much consideration to the fashion industry, but, “in a very short time I went from clueless to totally obsessed.” While peers hung posters of Leonardo DiCaprio on their walls, Renn put up pictures of Steven Meisel and, two years later, she moved to New York. “Sure, parts of childhood were lost when I made the choice to go out into the world at such a young age, but much more was gained,” she says, sounding older than her 26 years. “I think that what has happened to me was meant to be. The experience itself was the learning, which is why I wrote my book at such a young age. I knew that I had to get my story out. I had just seen too much not to put it out there.”

    Despite her suffering at the hands of its less responsible participants (in Hungry, Renn reveals the mixed messages she received from agents regarding her weight), she loves the fashion industry. “I love that I am a story teller with fashion,” she says. If there comes a time when

    “I love that I'm a STORY teller with fashion... A big GOAL is to design a fashion line with body DIVERSITY in mind”

    she no longer wants to be in front of the camera, she won't leave the business. "Photography, creative directing, styling, acting... I would never commit to just one," she says, although she does have a particular endeavor in mind, one that suggests that her experiences with her weight are not quite forgotten: "A big goal for me is to design a fashion line with body diversity in mind.”

    Maybe it's because we're nearing the end of the bottle, but Renn has become philosophical, finally imparting her life motto: “I've always believed that anything is possible. Maybe that's my secret.”

    Cheers to that, Ms Renn.

    Dress by Gucci; ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge


    Hair: David von Cannon at Streeters. Makeup: Fiona Stiles at The Wall Group. Fashion assistant: Helen Broadfoot

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