• It's usually sent into storage in summer, but CHRISTA D'SOUZA wonders if black is really an all-weather friend

    Black, readers, is the New Black. What a relief that is, eh? At this time of year, though, black always seems to get a bad rap. But why? Is it because it is supposed to absorb heat and therefore make one perspire? Is it because bright colors look great with a tan? Who knows, but the unspoken rule that once the clocks go forward you must automatically lighten up on the clothes front always gives me a slight case of Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    Take it from me: black always works. It always makes you look slimmer. It always works with everything else in your wardrobe. Like death and taxes, these are just some of those unalterable facts of life.

    Dress and cuffs by Alexander McQueen


    Photograph: David Bellemere

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