• She may not carry anything in her safari-jacket pockets, but CHRISTA D'SOUZA’s intrepid spirit is in her look

    If you could be born again, what would you come back as? Me, I'd come back as A Man’s Girl. By this, I mean a woman with a sense of adventure; a woman who is good at the outdoorsy stuff; a woman who looks like she is just about to catch a wave, or jump out of a jeep, or travel to some far-off land. I have always thought such women have an edge on us ‘sissies’. But lately, I have realized it’s not so much about being good at games as a question of style. A ‘fearless adventuress’ type may not know how to ride a bike let alone catch a wave, but because of the cool ‘Just One Of The Guys’ way she puts herself together, you would never know it. Androgynous but never butch; simple yet


    Photograph: Franco Rubartelli for Vogue Paris

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    1960s supermodel Veruschka embodies the carefree spirit of safari

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