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    Surfboard Yoga

    The hottest exercise craze for Californian yogis is a challenging 90 minutes of straightforward asanas (postures), with the added factor of balancing on a surfboard in Marina del Rey. YOGAqua works different muscles to straightforward Hatha yoga, as every pose must align with the surfboard to evenly distribute the weight. It may sound tricky, but the surrounding ocean adds a deep serenity to the practice. yogaqua.com


    Amber sunglasses

    Sunglasses in summer are clearly essential, but don’t be fooled into thinking any style will do. Black lenses can be too harsh, while colored ones can clash with your skin tone. Amber, though, is universally flattering. They give an easy nod to the ’70s trend, while sleek frames ensure a modern look.

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    Words: Jessica Jonzen; Kay Barron. Photograph: Dan McAlister

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