• Considered, sophisticated, chic – CHRISTA D'SOUZA looks at what makes a timeless closet so covetable

    Grrr. The word “iconic”. What does it mean? Why do people use it with such abandon? I do wish they'd stop and only use it when referring to things seen in a Greek or Russian church. But then, isn't there always that item of clothing which is so obviously more than the sum of its parts, it cannot really be described as anything else? The Utterly Perfect biker jacket, say, or The Utterly Perfect blazer. And how about The Utterly Perfect gray cashmere sweater? Like the one The Utterly Perfect Jane Birkin was wearing in the front row at Acne last season, along with The Utterly Perfect pair of Converse sneakers and The Utterly Perfect trench. An editor


    Photograph: David Bellemere


    A forever-in-fashion white shirt and wear-always denim

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