• Shirt by Acne; shorts by Frame Denim; necklace and boots by Isabel Marant; right hand: bracelets by Chan Luu; ring by Diane Kordas; left hand: bracelet by Carolina Bucci; bracelet by Maria Rudman

    before she was due on the front row – could be an entirely different being to the Alba of previous interviews. In those, she variously comes across as flip and frustrated, or girlish and effervescent. True, she is often described – with a tone of surprise – as having beauty and brains, but it’s clear this opportunity to speak for herself is an important one.

    “I think that’s why certain people get into social media, because it’s like, ‘Here’s my voice,’” she agrees. “It’s funny to read a past interview version of [me]. It’s so frustrating, I’m like, 'But that’s not...' It’s a misrepresentation, but I’m aware it doesn’t really matter. I can only control what I can control. I know who I am and so does my family.”

    In fact, Alba is more pragmatic than most about the less-appealing flipside to fame, readily acknowledging it is a necessary element of supporting the industry. “You remember, ‘OK, I’m just selling a movie that’s opening this weekend.’ Then it has perspective. You can’t turn your back on the things that make your business successful.”

    Such an approach is indicative of Alba’s diverse successes. In her mind, input equals output; easy rides are not an option. When it comes to The Honest Company, she learned quickly this was not the project for someone looking to be a figurehead. “I had lots of doors shut in my face, which forced me to get behind the idea in a genuine way,” she says. “I would cry, tell Cash it wasn’t possible; I was crazy. And he would say, ‘Well, approach it differently. What can’t people wrap their heads around?'”

    Warren is clearly an incredibly involved father and husband, capably in charge of the bedtime routine while his wife and I talk. His name pops up often as a sounding board, support and sometime wine server, although Alba’s request for a glass is rebuffed with a muffled,

    “I’m FEARLESS because I have nothing to lose. BEFORE [children], my identity was wrapped up in EVERY decision”

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