• Style Rethink
    erase the memories of denim-
    clad pop stars and embrace
    the cool side of jean on jean?

    D ouble denim. It was the look we were all supposed to be rocking just a couple of years ago, remember? And now it’s back. Whether you believe in it or not, you just can’t keep a good trend down for long. Denim is like the oxygen we breathe – it’s always there. But by double denim I mean, of course, denim worn with denim; denim worn on denim – the thing, historically, we were always not supposed to do. Just like, back in the day, we weren’t supposed to wear our jeans in public until they had faded just right. God, those days when there were only three brands you could buy: Wrangler, Levi’s and Lee.


    Photograph: Tommy Ton/
    Trunk Archive

    Double denim is no longer the fashion minefield it once was

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