• Style Rethink
    This year, the hippie gets glamorous. CHRISTA D’SOUZA talks festival dressing with a twist

    W ill you be doing a festival this year? I certainly will. The UK’s headliner, Glastonbury, is only half an hour from me in the country, not that I will actually be going in. No, I like to have My Own Private Glastonbury at home, with my own music, wine and food. No one, but no one, loves a festival look more than me and in another life, perhaps I was the one with a tambourine in hand and flowers in my hair.

    It’s moved on, though, hasn’t it, the festival ensemble? Now don’t we all want to be a Coachella girl in California? Oh my, that sea of honey-hued legs in battered cowboy boots, short shorts and scalloped-edged hems. Alessandra


    Photograph: Bruno Dayan/Trunk Archive

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