• Ambrosio, Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung wafting elegantly in the blazing sunshine, looking every inch as if they were born into the effortless world of glamorous boho… Pass on a bit of that luxe hippie chic, would you please? For that is what we are really talking here: Luxe Hippie. Luckily it’s a dominant theme in the SS13 collections and paisley prints, tie-dye, floaty kaftans, criss-cross lacing and peasant tops are all here to indulge in. Pieces that convey the decadent, laid-back luxury thing loud and clear, imbue one with a tremendous sense of peace, love and understanding – but in the most luxurious way.

    The designer who, to my mind, has always got the Luxe Hippie thing down pat is Isabel Marant. I don’t know why she so consistently gets it right, but put on a pair of those dangly earrings of hers and an intricately beaded tunic and you immediately look more interesting somehow.

    But then it is accessories, as always, which make the difference.

    If you’re not bold enough to do a whole look, maybe you can manage a headscarf from Eugenia Kim with a pair of tassel earrings from Carolina Bucci. Or a cork sandal from Gucci. It’s amazing what the right floppy hat and a pair of mirrored Ray-Bans can do.

    Meanwhile, if you are looking for role models, make Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac your reference – designers certainly did. Can you not see her belting out Go Your Own Way, making batwing shapes in an embellished kaftan from Etro or Roberto Cavalli?

    Like I said, you don’t actually have to be a bred-in-the-bone festival goer to pull it off. Look at the ultimate faux hippie chick, Princess Margaret. Were those tie-

    dye, Medusa-print tunics from Donatella at Versace made with her specifically in mind? I can just picture her in said tunic at one of those 'come as you are' beach soirées she used to hold on Mustique island – a cigarette holder in one hand, a glass of something delicious in the other and a bejeweled flip-flop dangling from a pearly pedicured, tanned foot. Lord Lichfield! Where were you to snap that?

    The point is, those silk and diamond 'friendship' bracelets and woven gold cuffs, which you've got totem poled up your arm, that charmingly artisanal-looking ring you've put on your thumb, they're not so throwaway, right? Yes they evoke a festival spirit, but you don't necessarily need to wear them (or lose them) to one.

    Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to wafting around my lawn, channeling California, doing my Own Private Glastonbury, with ice-cold Bandol Rosé in the fridge and glasses made of actual glass. Want to come and join me? Perhaps I should charge."

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    boho's modern makeover equals
    laid-back pieces with a luxe edge

    Delicate fringing and lace, ideal for layering.

    Look for multicolored paisley prints.

    The perfect pairing for maxi dresses or shorts.

    “Paisley prints, TIE-DYE, floaty kaftans, criss-cross LACING and peasant tops are all here to INDULGE in”

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