• Beauty:Red-Carpet Ready
    Whether you are attending a premiere or a garden party, these 12 tricks – tried and tested by Hollywood’s most beautiful women – will ensure you look and feel fabulous. By EMMA STRENNER

    In the run-up…

    1. Practice your

    “From about two weeks before an event, I recommend that all my clients follow my ABCs rule – no alcohol, bread or processed carbs,” says celebrity trainer David Kirsch, who counts models Heidi Klum and Kate Upton among his clientele. “Stick to lean protein (such as white fish, chicken and pulses) and lots of leafy green vegetables to stay trim.”

    2. Make use of
    your blender

    “Bloating often happens from not chewing and digesting your food properly,” says leading LA nutritional chef and health coach Mikaela Reuben, a film-set favorite known for her tasty, healthy menus. “Try blending your meals, making lots of soups and smoothies in the days running up to the event to keep your diet nutrient-rich and to ensure you get enough fiber.”

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