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    Not just a print for waifs, CHRISTA D’SOUZA looks at how the humble stripe really can work for everyone

    You know the feeling, I'm sure. If you just get that one thing, your life will be complete. My one thing at the moment? A black and white striped sequined tee from Marc Jacobs SS13. Oh my goodness. The wretched thing. I hate the way it's invading my dreams, paired, as it always is, with the perfect faded jeans and a tan. There can't be anything I'd wish for more, excluding World Peace. World Peace and, let's see, maybe a black and white striped sundress from Dolce & Gabbana. Okay, okay, I'll stop there. However, just in case my other half is reading this and is wondering what on earth to get me for my birthday, just to say, if he got me these two little


    Photograph: Liz Collins

    MICHAEL KORS SS13 How to work bold stripes

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