• Dress by Oscar de la Renta; earrings by Ippolita; bracelets and ring by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

    It is tempting to imagine Statham as protective. “Yes, he is,” she smiles. “I’m not interested in hanging out with boys. I have all the man I need!” She considers herself a woman’s woman, though. “I have my small group of girls and that’s it. I am very pro-women. I love seeing successful women who are living their dreams. I have so much respect for them.”

    Being successful is clearly something RHW has taken to heart. Today, she is on her way to the HQ of British store Marks & Spencer, to talk D-cups and camisoles: her lingerie collection, which she designs, as well as models, is expanding after “surpassing all sales expectations”, according to the company. “The process, from understanding what

    “I have my GROUP
    of girls. I am very
    pro-women. I LOVE seeing SUCCESSFUL women”

    people want, to seeing my products in stores is incredibly moving,” she says. More satisfying than seeing herself in a magazine? “Definitely. As wonderful as that, or being part of a big movie is, those are things that happen to you. I don’t want to wait for people to give me opportunities – I want to make my own.”

    Before RHW leaves, I can’t help spotting a tattoo on the inside of her wrist. “It’s new,” she reveals. “It’s a hummingbird by Scott Campbell, a tattoo artist who does a lot for Marc Jacobs. It means a few different things.” A gesture of loyalty, perhaps? Statham’s forthcoming movie is called Hummingbird, after all. RHW demurs: “Hummingbirds fly about my house in LA. There’s a hideous bush that my gardener wants to cut down, but I won’t let him because all the hummingbirds gravitate towards it. In the mornings, I can sit with a coffee and watch them.”

    A low-key, almost magical picture of contentment – no one could begrudge this inspiring, ambitious beauty a minute of it.


    Creative director: Jo Baldwin. Hair: Laini Reeves at Starworks. Makeup: Monika Blunder at The Wall Group. Nails: Beth Fricke at Artist by Timothy Priano. Fashion assistant: Sofia Catania. With thanks to Bacara Resort & Spa; bacararesort.com. Dutchi 8 and Oval Basket in Natural provided by Linus Bikes on Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA. linusbike.com

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