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    Can everyone master that just-off-the-yacht aura, muses a green-eyed CHRISTA D’SOUZA

    There is a certain kind of woman who wakes up in the morning looking every bit as marvelous as she did the night before. Maybe you are one of them. I salute you (and, yes, resent you), if you are. I can just picture you with your glorious skin and buttermilk cashmere cardigan, draped casually around your shoulders, stepping off a yacht, with your four immaculate children in tow. And what is it with your hair? The way it is so immune to the humidity and never, ever frizzes up? Tell me, how do you manage to stay so pristine all the time, even on holiday? Is there a secret hairdresser hidden in the depths of your Riva? Do you get a daily facial? Because,


    Photograph: Copyright © 1955 by Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved

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    Grace Kelly epitomized
    Riviera glamor in To
    Catch a Thief

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