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    There’s more to tanning than hot temperatures and a well-stocked Kindle. NATALIE LIVINGSTONE reveals the
    six-week guide to sun-kissed skin



    The foundation of a good tan is smooth skin and taught limbs. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so you need to start prepping early. The first step is tightening up on diet. No tan sits well on skin holding excess water. Reduce sugar and starches as much as possible and start every day with a detoxing juice or smoothie (try this simple recipe: blend two apples, one slice lemon, one inch cucumber, one celery stick, one inch fresh ginger and ice), which heals weary winter skin from the inside out. Next, start to fine-tune your workout. The key to achieving that long, lean look is stretching out the limbs, so adding twice-weekly Pilates classes will work wonders. “Pilates gives you that extra control of posture, grace and body awareness that will really make a difference on the beach,” says Pilates guru Emily McGee.



    No machine beats manual manipulation. Start massaging

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