• the man behind the glows of stars from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Lara Stone, so his step-by-step guide is the one to follow:

    For the body:

    STEP 1: Apply self-tan with latex gloves to help the cream glide over

    “Mix one teaspoon of a GRADUAL TAN in with your normal BODY moisturizer”

    the skin more evenly. If in doubt, use a light or medium shade and build up to the desired intensity.
    STEP 2: Apply a thin layer of your tanning formula, such as James Read Liquid Tan, using a tanning mitt, wait 20 minutes and then apply a second layer. Remember to work any excess product down onto the feet and ankles. Leave on for eight hours, before washing off.
    STEP 3: The following day, mix one teaspoon of a gradual tan – try James Read Gradual Tan – in with your usual body moisturizer. Using a tanning mitt, move down the fronts of your legs to elongate and define them. Leave on to develop for four hours, then wash off.
    STEP 4: For extra definition, stand in front of a mirror and spray a bronzing mist down the fronts of your legs. Leave on for four hours.
    STEP 5: Never put tan directly onto your hands or feet, always blend down from the calf or forearm and work in thoroughly, then wipe in between your fingers, toes and palms when you’re done.
    STEP 6: Finally, to achieve a professional finish, Read

    recommends applying a wash-off tan to the legs, leaving it to dry for 30 minutes for the best results.

    For the face:

    STEP 1: You can afford to be conservative here as it is easy to build color with makeup. Beauty editors love Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Skincare, as it gives a soft, natural finish.
    STEP 2: To dilute the effect further and achieve an ultra-natural (and mistake-free) look, mix it in with your daily moisturizer.
    STEP 3: To accentuate your cheekbones, wait until the first layer of tan has completely dried, then gently work in another coat, as you would a blusher, buffing in thoroughly with a makeup sponge.


    You may have reached your destination, but that does not mean your work is done. Make sure you pack Perfekt Body Perfection Gel. A foundation for your legs, it conceals a multitude of flaws and is ideal for any emergency touch-ups during your getaway.

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