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    Cannes Film Festival

    What’s not to love about films, frocks and the French Riviera? The three come together for this month’s 66th Cannes Film Festival, which opens with Baz Luhrmann’s glittering remake of The Great Gatsby. The Coen brothers will also debut Inside Llewyn Davis, a portrait of the Greenwich Village folk scene that spawned Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. With a judging panel including Steven Spielberg and Nicole Kidman, this is the film industry at its most glamorous and influential. Cannes Film Festival, May 15-26

    A show-stopping gown on the red carpet at the glamorous movie festival

    The final

    A silk scarf

    The epitome of decadence is a silk scarf tied loosely at the neck or holding your hair in place while the sea wind whips around you. A simple yet undeniable statement, wear as the perfect punctuation to a knotted white T-shirt.

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    Words: Olivia Wakefield; Kay Barron. Photograph: Getty Images; Dan McAlister

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