• be the modern publicist's curse, but Baum points out that “social media can be a positive thing; rumors can be put to rest. Still, I think some stars shouldn't Tweet. There's something to be said for mystery.”

    Trouble-shooting isn't something Baum is often called upon to do, she insists, and she has never bought into the 'any publicity is good publicity' mantra. "When I meet a potential client, I'll say, 'If you're looking to do an absurd amount of press, I'm not for you.'" She's lucky, she says, because she doesn't represent "clients I need to worry about", and has an unflappable disposition. "I once read about the most stressful jobs, and publicist was up there with pilot. You have to multi-task, but it's important to stay cool. For me, 'urgent' is if my kid falls over and is in the emergency room – my kids are what I worry about most."

    Her children “are probably the only kids in the world who dislike my clients”, she jokes. When it comes to global press tours,

    “they're always saying, 'Don't go, Mom, call them and tell them you can't go'. Before I got married, this job was everything; I loved going to premieres and parties. Now, when people say, 'Wow, you get to go to the Oscars!', I tell them I'd rather be in sweatpants watching from the couch.”

    It's hard to imagine Baum in sweatpants. She may laugh off the suggestion that she dresses down in order not to out-glam her clients, but pictures of her with famous men still set message boards aflutter (recently, her relationship

    with Johnny Depp was the subject of spurious gossip, making her “uncomfortable”). “I'm a jeans and T-shirt girl,” she maintains. “I must have 30 pairs of jeans. But I do love a heel – when I wear flats, I feel less

    powerful.” She is clearly a woman with a strong sense of her own style, demonstrated by the precise instructions ahead of The Edit shoot: sharp jackets, leather and skinny jeans were in, frills were a definite no. But where her clients are concerned, she relies on stylists. “These stars are doing premieres and press tours – that's

    a lot of outfits to pull together. That's one area I don't have to worry about.”

    Her priorities may have changed almost 30 years into her career, “but this job is in my gut. I still have moments at the Oscars with A-list actors where I think, 'This is a cool job.' If I were star-struck or jaded, I couldn't do it.”

    “Social media – TWITTER in particular – can be a POSITIVE thing because rumors can be put to rest”

    ROBIN's go-to pieces

    “BLAZERS ARE KEY – dress them up or keep them casual.”

    “YOU CAN'T GO WRONG with a little black dress – go for classic.”

    “I LOVE A HIGH HEEL – there is nothing sexier.”

    Robin with her client Johnny Depp

    The Edit

    Stylist: Maryam Malakpour. Hair: Adrian Castillo. Makeup: Molly Stern at The Wall Group. Fashion assistant: Catlin Myers. With thanks to Chateau Marmont Photograph: npg.com

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