• 3. Ensure you've
    got back up

    “Tone your back by holding a couple of water bottles and shadow boxing (a form of non-contact boxing using super-sharp movement, which activates your arm and back muscles) for a few reps,” says David Kirsch. “This works your arms, too, so you'll get an effective workout. Also do lateral raises and uppercuts with the bottles to work your lower back and get rid of the love handles you might see in a low-backed dress.”

    The night before...

    4. Soak in salt

    A quick pre-red-carpet trick

    favored by Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow is a simple 15-minute bath with Epsom Salts. The magnesium in the salts relieves bloating by relaxing the muscles to promote healthy digestion and reducing water retention in the gut.

    5. De-puff with
    a pillow

    Add an extra pillow to keep your head raised and to ensure your circulation is good. If you still have puffy eyes in the morning, makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, who's worked with Blake Lively and Renée Zellweger, suggests placing cold, wet black tea bags on the eyes for three minutes to soothe.

    On the day…

    6. Banish blemishes

    Keep Visine Advanced Relief eye-drops-soaked Q-Tips in the freezer in case a blemish erupts on the day

    (or look for products with tetrahydrozoline, which constricts the blood cells, reducing redness – also found in anti-allergy nasal sprays). Hold the Q-Tip against the spot for a minute – the cold reduces swelling and the eye-drop formula minimizes inflammation.

    7. Get the gloss

    "On the day of your event, go for a glossing treatment with your favorite colorist. Professional glosses will moisturize and seal

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