• the hair cuticle so you get maximum reflection and shine,” says colorist Kyle White, who works with actress Robin Wright. “These treatments deposit color with a non-permanent formula that seals the hair follicles, so it's a fast way to take the brassiness out of faded color.”

    8. Maximize your eyes

    “Single false lashes are great on the outside corner of the eyes to ping them open,” says celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Mary Greenwell, who is often responsible for getting Jessica Chastain and Cate Blanchett camera-ready. “Too long a lash will never look real, so just use a few singles at the end.”

    Get ready, go...

    9. Be SPF selective

    At daytime events, such as weddings or garden parties, “stay clear of any sun-protection products containing titanium dioxide or mica,” says makeup artist Troy Surratt, who works

    with Adele and Charlize Theron. Why? “These compounds can reflect the camera flash and make complexions ghostly.”

    10. Build your foundations

    Make foundation and concealer multi-task by using on discolored patches of skin on elbows and knees, or over any strap marks on feet. “Follow with powder and then mist with L'Oréal Elnett hairspray to fix in place," advises Surratt. “But apply sparingly if you are wearing a soft color, or if you might be sitting on light upholstery.”

    11. Flatter your face

    “Shading the side of your face is a great way to flatter its natural shape,” says Mary Greenwell. “Don't use too much contour, as photography that is not lit directly on the face could make you look stripy,” she cautions. “Instead, use a matte bronzer to fully shade both sides with a broad brush so that you're ultimately highlighting your central features (eyes, nose and lips). And don't forget the temples – use a nice warm bronzer there.”

    12. Layer your lips

    “For a lipstick that lasts all night, line and fill lips with a lipstain, like YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain,” instructs Surratt. “Let it dry, then use a lip brush to coat the mouth in a matching shade of lipstick.” His expert secret for a photo-ready smile? “Finish with gloss in the center third of the lips to create a 3D effect.”

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    Photographs: Wenn; Photoshot

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