• The modern muse:

    Jennifer Lawrence

    Making hot-off-the-runway haute couture look effortless is no easy task, but it's something this Oscar-winning actress has mastered. Hollywood's new golden girl brings personality to the red carpet, wearing sweeping gowns or tailored jumpsuits with the same cool, contemporary attitude she applies to her off-duty look. The 'be yourself' pinup for event dressing.


    The finishing touch:

    Hair jewelry

    Precious hair adornments added an opulent tone to the SS13 collections, from delicate gold bands to hair ties dripping with pearls and diamond clasps. Integrating these lavish pieces into your evening look is simple: wear as an alternative to a favorite necklace or earrings, fastened into a bun, or as a highlight over loose waves.

    The Edit

    Words: Natalie Rigg. Photograph: Rex Features

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