• It is obvious the moment Cindy Crawford walks into the cavernous hotel lobby of Shutters On The Beach in Santa Monica, California. It's not what she's wearing – a fairly nondescript pair of jeans and a black tailored blazer. It's not even the 'Cindy blowout', a caramel-colored confection of lustrous, bouncing waves, or the fact that in heels, she appears Amazonian. It's something more. While some famous faces appear more human in the flesh, their on-screen perfection made digestible, rather than daunting when experienced in three dimensions, Crawford is different. Even if you had spent the past quarter of a century oblivious to her status as one of the most successful models of all time, you would know without a modicum of doubt that you were in the presence of a supermodel.

    Born in 1966 in DeKalb, Illinois, Cynthia Ann Crawford was a straight-A student, dated the star quarterback and set her sights on becoming the first female president of the United States. It's not a stretch, either, to imagine

    this measured, smart, determined woman achieving that goal, had fate not sent a sharp-eyed photographer along to her summer job shucking corn. But fate did have its way and soon Crawford was modeling part-time, the only girl at her senior prom to turn up wearing a Calvin Klein sheath dress. "I'd seen it in Vogue," she smiles. "It was just a black jersey dress, but the back was scooped out, almost to the top of my [behind]. It was quite a departure."

    Straying from the norm, carving her own path, is something the now 47-year-old quickly turned into a habit. Recognizing early on in her career that she was not Cindy Crawford the model, but Cindy Crawford the brand, she made unconventional choices that surprised the industry – an American Vogue cover star signing

    “I never had a GRAND design. I am very PROFESSIONAL, so I think that got me FAR”

    Dress by Emilio Pucci; shoes by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

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