Los Angeles

    THE LOW DOWN: Visit Mary Ascension Saulnier – aka The Fat Whisperer – and her sci-fi-esque VASER Shape machine. It emits ultrasound wavelengths that warm fatty tissue, so when Ascension Saulnier uses her lymphatic massage techniques, excess toxins and lipids are easily drained from the body.
    DISCOMFORT LEVEL: Pain-free.
    THE RESULT: Lose up to two inches from your waist in one session.
    INSIDER TIP: Drink plenty of water and go for a gentle gym session afterwards to help flush out remaining liquefied fat cells.
    PRICE: $750 per 90-minute session. skinhealthexperts.com


    New York

    THE LOW DOWN: New Yorkers flock to Shellie Goldstein for her Body Contouring Program when they're in need of a complete overhaul. Using both acupuncture and CACI Quantum (micro currents

    that prompt muscle contractions), fleshy areas are toned up fast.
    DISCOMFORT LEVEL: Needle-phobes may be intimidated, but Goldstein is so experienced you will hardly feel the pinpricks.
    THE RESULT: The benefits of a 20-minute treatment are akin to the effects of a series of workouts with a personal trainer.
    INSIDER TIP: If you're going after lunch, take a belt – this is most effective on a bloated stomach.
    PRICE: $120 per session. hamptonsacupuncture.com



    THE LOW DOWN: Using a medical-grade DermaRoller, body- treatment specialist Nichola Joss pierces skin tissue, prompting collagen production and cell regeneration to repair scarred skin. A massage balances out the intense session.
    DISCOMFORT LEVEL: Medium – the DermaRoller needles sting like a carpet burn and the pain lingers.
    THE RESULT: How many treatments depends on the

    severity of your marks – a free 20-minute consultation will assess the damage. Scars should be visibly reduced in a month (based on two treatments per week).
    INSIDER TIP: Take aspirin half an hour before and avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as your wounds will be sore – the no pain, no gain mantra definitely applies here.
    PRICE: From £160 ($245) per session. nicholajoss.com



    THE LOW DOWN: Ho'me is Tokyo's go-to spot for those in pursuit of body perfection. It boasts a hi-tech Alex-S machine that emits infrared lights and electromagnetic waves, activating the body's natural fat- and calorie-burning powers.
    DISCOMFORT LEVEL: None, just lie back and think of thinner thighs.
    THE RESULT: A 30-minute session is equivalent to running 15km.
    INSIDER TIP: Stick to carb-free meals afterwards to keep your energy levels up and encourage your metabolism to keep working hard.

    PRICE: ¥10,000 ($99) for one hour. hometokyo.com



    THE LOW DOWN: The women-only Aquamoon spa in Place Vendôme has an über-hi-tech Japanese Iyashi Dôme machine – the secret behind slim Parisienne waistlines. It rids the body's toxins by blasting it with heat and infrared rays.
    DISCOMFORT LEVEL: Get ready to sweat – this is like Bikram yoga, minus the postures.
    THE RESULT: You can burn up to 600 calories in an hour's session, and a course of treatments will help smooth cellulite-cursed thighs.
    INSIDER TIP: For best results, postpone your shower afterwards so that the heat can continue to do its work. We recommend you pack sweat-absorbent gym clothes.
    PRICE: €52 ($67) for 30 minutes. aquamoon.fr


    Hong Kong

    THE LOW DOWN: Celebrity trainer

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    Photograph: Sune Czajkowski/blaublut-edition.com

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