• Clutch by Mario Testino for MATE

    Testino says enthusiastically. “Of course, she is Latin, like me, so she conveys the woman who represents my style.”

    Testino and Smalls have worked together countless times since her first US Vogue appearance in July 2010. “It is always such an honor to work with Mario, so I love that he mentioned me in connection to this collection. He always creates such a beautiful story that embraces you and takes you on a ride,” she says. This isn't the first time that Smalls has been photographed in the MATE pieces: when Testino shot Miley Cyrus for the cover of V Magazine, he asked the model to tag along at the end of the day. In 15 minutes, he transformed his collection of scarves into a swimsuit, head wrap and jewelry, and the picture appeared in Vogue Paris. “He loves

    “I want him [Testino] to SHOOT me with a panther, and we can just DISAPPEAR for a bit”

    what he does so much,” enthuses Smalls. “Whenever we shoot with him, we have to travel the day before just to do fittings. Mario will sit down with the stylist and he will go through every single look. He has an opinion and feels very strongly about what he shoots, and he says the fitting is the best part of the process. He is as much a stylist as a photographer, and is involved in every stage.”

    Traveling for work is all part of the job for both photographer and model, but Smalls is still holding out for an exotic, week-long trip with Testino, where she can really explore: “I want him to shoot me with a panther or a leopard, and we can just disappear for a bit.”

    Her adventurous spirit remains firmly intact, but where once she was a throw-a-backpack-on-and-go traveler, these days she has a taste for the finer things in life. “I was a tomboy growing up, so I have already had that experience in my life!” she says. “I was dirty and my knees were always all scarred, so life now is about having a little bit

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