• above the ground that effects this ghastly transformation upon so many of us?

    But all is not lost. As can be evidenced by the most seasoned long-haulers, it is possible to get off a plane not looking so sartorially broken; we must simply obey a few basic rules.

    Queens of the Long-Haul Flight? Elle Macpherson and Miranda Kerr, but they have an advantage being from Down Under – part of the reason Antipodeans look as fresh as daisies upon disembarkation is that they're used to being in the air for hours on end. Notice, though, how they keep their flight fashion simple. I cite as an example a recent Macpherson travel look that involved double denim, leopard-print flats and a genius messy braid. Braids! Cutesy on terra firma, but for those with long hair, practically invented for air travel.

    The thing not to do is treat a flight like the catwalk. The one 'fashionista' concession you can

    make while flying is sunglasses. Meaning if you've got a yearning for a mad pair, this is the occasion to wear them, they'll add to your 'exotic creature of travel' persona. Teetering heels or anything too tight, however, will make you look like a foolish creature who only recently got a passport.

    Enter, therefore, the Converse All Star or fail-safe Isabel Marant Dicker ankle boots. It doesn't matter how much water you retain in your ankles, you see, in an ankle boot with a good wide top, it's never going to show.

    Another clever choice is the maxi skirt – see global girls Lily Aldridge, Poppy Delevingne and Kate Bosworth for guidance. Not only does it hide a multitude of sins, it is as comfortable as a

    “DON’T treat a flight like the CATWALK. The one ‘FASHIONISTA’ concession is sunglasses”

    nightshirt and, with a blistered Rick Owens jacket (which you can roll up and pop into your buttery soft, multi-compartmentalized carry-on bag when you arrive in the sweltering heat), you could almost skip going back to the hotel to change before hitting the town.

    The ultimate option, though, is to change on the plane. If you don't have your cabin kit already, you need to get your in-flight look down pat: in my case, this has evolved into a pair of Anthony Thomas Melillo cashmere pants, a Louis Vuitton leopard-print scarf (which doubled up as a fabulous chador when I recently visited the Middle East) and an old Lanvin travel eye mask. Granted, I might look a little silly at take-off (boy, can one feel like the Easter bunny, emerging in broad daylight from the bathroom dressed in what amounts to one's pajamas). But ten hours later, when we're all by the baggage carousel that has been spewing out just the one suitcase for the past hour? Let's just say I'm the only one who is laughing.

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    travel in style with perfect easy pieces that go the distance

    The tried-and-tested route to long-haul glamor.

    A chic antidote to in-flight air conditioning.

    Forgo heels in favour of terminal-friendly boots.

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