• Supermodels, movie stars and royalty – MARIO TESTINO has photographed them all. Now, as JO CRAVEN finds out, he is turning his attentions, and his lens, to his homeland

    The Bee Gees' You Should be Dancing booms around a studio as Mario Testino and Kate Moss gleefully snatch a few dance steps, fingers clicking to the beat, to celebrate the successful completion of another shoot – the latest of countless ones that span their 20-year friendship. A brief embrace follows and Moss bellows over the music, "Send my love to your mum!" as Testino dashes into a car, whisking him to the airport and on a plane to his native Peru.

    Testino is a global traveler whose non-stop itinerary sees him forever crossing continents. It is small wonder


    Mario Testino, photographed by Ben Tietge in Cusco, 2012

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    Photograph: Ben Tietge

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