"Yes, Cusco is touristy, but it is also really lovely, and you can get the train to Machu Picchu from here. When you get to Cusco you must rest for an hour or so because of the altitude: it is very high up. You have two options: to stay in town – where there are a lot of restaurants and shopping, which suits me as I'm very urban – or you can go to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which is exquisite and also more quiet. Here, you can stay in the beautiful Hotel Rio Sagrado (orient-express.com). In the Sacred Valley is the very old village of Pisac, which has a wonderful market and where I recently shot the cover of Vogue Paris."

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    Amyeline Valade in Cusco, 2013, Vogue Paris © Mario Testino



    "From the Paracas National Reserve in southern Peru, 400km south of Lima, you can go to see the famous Nazca Lines. These are hundreds of pre-Incan drawings depicting geometric shapes, birds and animals, believed to have been created between 500BC and 500AD. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. I took Kate [Moss] there when she came over [in 2010] to see my exhibition at the MALI museum in Lima. We stayed in the beautiful Paracas Hotel (starwoodhotels.com), and went to Nazca from there: it is only 30 minutes. You can only see the drawings from the air, so you have to get in a small plane to fly over them – it is just amazing."

    A bird's-eye view of the ancient and mysterious Nazca Lines

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    Photographs: © Mario Testino; Getty Images

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