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  • SUMMER NIGHTS Mario Testino's favorite hotel, Copacabana Palace

    The Chic Escape:

    Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro

    He has stayed in the world's most luxurious places, but where is Mario Testino's ultimate stylish stay? “This hotel is my home away from home. I like to breakfast by the enormous pool with divine fresh fruit. There is a certain elegance and grandeur, but it is light and unpretentious. Once I mentioned to the wonderful hotel director, Andréa Natal, I didn't like the pool-guys' uniforms, and she changed them! I couldn't believe it!”

    The finishing touch:

    Stacking bangles

    Take a little piece of Africa with you every day when you wear Ashley Pittman's bronze and horn stacking bracelets. Made in Kenya by local artisans, the bangles are inspired by generations of craftsmanship, and ten percent of the profits go towards funding a health center and school in rural parts of the country.

    The Edit

    Words: Olivia Wakefield; Kay Barron

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