• Style Rethink
    She never got to be a groupie,
    but CHRISTA D’SOUZA is
    happy to settle for the
    rock-chick threads

    Who would you have been if you hadn’t been you? In my parallel universe, I am a groupie. Hanging with the band, that’s all I ever wanted to do in my teens and early twenties, and tucked away somewhere are the leopard-print safety-pin skirt, the ‘Vive Le Rock!’ tee and backstage passes to prove it. Whenever there‘s a ‘back in the day’ rock’n’roll documentary on TV, it’s always the women they were with, rather than the stars themselves, I want to know more about.

    What is the allure? It is about crossing the line of convention, the coolness, the knowing that one’s friends would be so envious and one’s parents so


    Photograph: Allstar

    The Edit

    Kate Hudson portrays the ultimate groupie in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous

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