• feel as a woman that you have to do and be everything,” she explains. “I am quite dominant in my career, so what really works for me when I come home, is to relax more into the feminine side. If you’re really an alpha female, you don’t allow [your partner] to have the space to feel like the man in the relationship. Maybe I am too traditional, but men feel important when you ask for their help, instead of thinking you can do it all on your own.” In a more candid mode, she adds: “My mistake in my relationships has been to feel that I can do it all on my own: I don’t need a man. That is definitely a mistake. Women generally want to feel loved and appreciated. It’s something that I am working on every day, trust me! It’s a challenge for me to do that.”

    “My MISTAKE in my relationships has been to FEEL that I can do it all on my own: I don’t NEED a man”

    With that in mind, Kerr has her work commitments for the entire year planned out to make sure family is her priority. In April, it was announced that her contract with Victoria’s Secret was ending after six years. She also dropped her long-time contract with Australian department store David Jones. There was speculation in the tabloids that Kerr was too old to continue with Victoria’s Secret. There is no truth to any of it, as she explains: “Ed [Razek, who has been casting the models for 15 years] and I are really good friends, and we both decided it was impractical for me to continue. I have such fond memories of working
    with them.”

    Kerr is healthily philosophical about it all. “Now that I am a mother and have my own business, it is a good time. I am ready. And now,” she adds with a beaming smile, revealing those famous dimples, “here I am!”

    Get ready for Miranda Kerr’s second act.

    Swimsuit by Karla Colletto


    Hair: Leonardo Manetti at Tracey Mattingly. Makeup: Kristee Liu at Starworks Artists. Fashion assistant: Sofia Catania

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