• Beauty: The beach-fast rules
    Former model turned holistic nutritionist ROSEMARY FERGUSON shares her secret to getting swimwear-ready: smart fasting

    A hectic lifestyle and keeping in shape don't always go hand in hand. As a mother, a model who still does the occasional turn in front of the camera and now in my new role of nutritionist, maintaining my optimum weight is a challenge I understand only too well.

    While many diets promise miracle weight loss, most can't be sustained. And don't forget the misery caused by further weight gain if the diet is abandoned.

    Fasting is the buzz word of the moment, with those in the know embracing the idea of serious calorie control to shift that final few pounds – but is it effective and, crucially, safe? The short answer is yes. Fasting works for all the right reasons, but only if you follow a healthy, balanced diet the rest of the time, too. As part of a weekly regime, it can be a useful tool, detoxifying your system at a cellular level (i.e. if you opt for a fruit- and vegetable-rich program, the antioxidants in these foods will attach themselves to free radicals in your body, stabilizing them and

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    Photograph:© Greg Lotus / Art + Commerce

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